Yard Signs – Charlotte

For yard signs in the greater Charlotte NC area call Magnolia Storks & More at 704-770-8085.  We have new baby signs including 6 ft storks, baby carriages, and sailboat signs.  We also have cupcake and flamingo birthday signs.  If you want to flock the yard for a milestone birthday check out our Flamingo Package!  It … Read more

Stork Signs – Charlotte

For stork signs in the Charlotte NC area call Magnolia Storks & More at 704-770-8085.  We offer personalized 6 ft stork and baby signs.  Each sign includes a week rental and a baby bundle that you get to keep. We’re excited to welcome home Macy, Juan, Madelyn, and Harper!  Congrats to each of these families … Read more

Stork Rentals – Charlotte NC

For stork rentals in Charlotte NC call Magnolia Storks & More!  We offer beautiful 6 ft stork yard signs that make the perfect birth announcement for a new baby.  Each sign comes personalized with all your new babies sweet details! We’re excited to welcome home Olivia, Luke, Jaime, and Alexander!  Also, congrats to big brothers … Read more

Baby and Birthday Yard Signs – Charlotte

Our baby and birthday yard signs are the perfect way to celebrate!  Whether it’s a milestone birthday, kid’s birthday party, or birth announcement we look forward to making the event extra special! We offer a flamingo package, flamingos, cupcakes, storks, sailboats, and baby carriage signs.  Each birthday sign includes a special birthday message.  The baby … Read more

Stork signs – Charlotte

We love to welcome home new babies with our stork signs!  We’re so excited to welcome home Ashlyn, Cooper, Phoebe, and Hailey!  Congrats to each of the families. At Magnolia Storks & More we offer beautiful 6ft stork signs.  Each sign is personalized and can be monogrammed.  You keep the personalized bundle with all your … Read more